Life In The Media Age: Building A Strong Online Presence In 2017

There is no escaping life in the media age. It’s a cut-throat global market out there and it’s not that farfetched to suggest that if you’re not online you’re not relevant. How then can you go about building a strong online presence for your business in 2017? Electric Egg Business Solutions is proud to present:

3 Steps To Building A Strong Online Presence In The Media Age:

1. Core Focus

Maintaining a presence on social media platforms is crucial – but which are going to give you the greatest return on your greatest investment, time? We recommend focusing your time and energy on the two biggest social media platforms to begin with: Facebook and Twitter.

By targeting development of your profile on these two platforms you are reaching the most diverse demographic, and simply the most people; not to mention that the click-through rates on these sites are astronomical. Once you have built a solid foundation on these two core sites, you might extend into other online platforms that allow you to best showcase your talent – e.g. if you’re a photographer you may focus on generating business through Pinterest or Instagram, where users are already geared toward the visual as opposed to the textual.

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2. Attention-seeker

While an attention-seeking individual may be criticized, an attention-seeking business is rewarded. What’s the number one way to attract attention to your business on social media and other online platforms? Giveaways. Handing out freebies may seem counterproductive when your goal is to turn a profit and the advice you’re getting is to give goods away for free, but there’s method in the madness! By creating a “share to win” giveaway on Facebook you’re inevitable reaching more people than a paid ad campaign (of equal value to that of the goods you’re offering as a prize) ever could.

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3. It Starts At HOME

Your business needs a website. It’s a non-negotiable if you’re hoping for success in the media age. Your homepage is like Grand Central Station. It’s where all your social media presences come together; it’s what links your Pinterest and your Instagram and your Facebook profiles, and it’s where all these users and potential clients come to discover another facet of your business model and presence, and to follow through on their intention to engage your services. No social media platform can tell someone quite as much about your business as your website can. Use your social media accounts as tools for getting potential customers to click-through to your website. Your website should turn fans and potential clients into clients.

Need help maintaining your online presence? Do you need help building, hosting, or writing content for your website? Contact Electric Egg Business Solutions today for help building a stronger online presence in 2017.

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