In order to run a successful email marketing campaign, you not only need to have a number of potential consumers on your mailing list, you need to make sure that your communications are actually reaching them…and actually being opened! Poor attempts at email marketing lead your potential consumer base to send your correspondence directly to the trash folder; or even worse, their email server marks your correspondence as SPAM and your consumer doesn’t even know you exist…

How can YOU up your email marketing game?

Help your subscribers to MAKE or to SAVE money!

Groupon is arguably one of South Africa’s most successful email marketing campaigns, and this is in no small part due to the fact that Groupon directly helps their subscribers save money! Groupon subscribers certainly don’t send their daily discount deals to their trash folders; rather Groupon’s correspondence is opened eagerly as consumers are excited to peruse their potential savings. By offering your email list subscribers exclusive savings opportunities, you are increasing the likelihood of your correspondence being opened and read, and your business being frequented by receivers of your email correspondence.

Diversity and entertainment value!

Ensure that your attempts at email marketing are diversified enough to capture the attention of a diverse target market. A good email marketing campaign will successfully navigate the line between relevant advertising and entertaining or interesting content. By providing your subscribers with interesting and relevant content as opposed to straight-up marketing material, you are increasing the likelihood of your subscribers opening your correspondence regularly as opposed to relegating your emails to the trash folder. Emails that provide subscribers with useful or interesting information, sound advice and/or practical suggestions for self- and career-improvement have an open rate of 40% more than those that are focussed solely on flogging your wares.


Put your best foot forward!

In the automated world of email inbox sorting, the subject line of your email correspondence has never been more important! Emails sent out with blank subject lines almost ALWAYS end up being sent directly to the SPAM folder without the recipient ever even having knowledge of the email’s existence. To avoid your emails being unfavourably sorted, and to increase the likelihood of your correspondence being read: lead with a snappy subject line that grabs the consumer’s attention! Successful subject lines often include: solutions to common problems your target market may be facing, prefaces to savings opportunities or references pertaining to the entertaining/interesting/educational content within.