3 Top Tips for Building and Maintaining Good Client Relationships

Building and maintaining good client relationships is vital to fostering brand loyalty and promoting the spread of word-of-mouth advertising by your customers. How can you go about ensuring your business is personable, interested and interesting to potential and current clients?

client relationships electric egg

  1. Engage, engage, engage!

When your clients speak, listen! When your clients call, answer! When your clients email, respond! When your clients post on your Facebook page or leave you an awesome online review, let them know you’re feeling the love! Whether you click that love button on Facebook or take the time to craft a witty and humble response; communicating directly with your consumers on a one-to-one basis is a great way to establish a connection and start building client relationships for your business.

Engaging is especially critical if you’ve received negative feedback!


Most clients who leave a negative review or who take the time to send you negative feedback on your business are the kinds of clients who aren’t looking to badmouth your business; they’re lobbing the ball into your court and are hoping to see an improvement! The only thing worse than a bad review, is a bad review left without a response and an offer to address the issue – whether that means a free meal, replacing a product, or firing an out-of-line staff member; most consumers who bother to leave a bad review really just want to see you make an effort to make them happy again!

client relationships electric egg

  1. Teach and be taught

Start a business related blog on which your clients can hopefully learn a little more about what you do – clients are more likely to contact you for work if they understand precisely what you do. Not understanding the behind-the-scenes bits of what your company does and not being able to speak the lingo often makes consumers feel insecure and this makes them less likely to contact you. Give them a little insight into your world and possibly even create an open forum in the comments where you can answer their questions directly and hear their thoughts on your content! You may even learn a thing or two!

  1. Be you

Establishing a clear and consistent brand is really the first step to good relationships with clients. When communicating with clients across all platforms, make sure that your communication aligns itself well with your business’s vision, mission and moral and ethical codes.