Marketing is a huge industry with plenty of big events and fancy contracts, and it understandably attracts plenty of agencies and independent operators who compete to win lucrative campaigns.

This means there’s little room for under performance or inefficiency when you’re simply aiming to get by, let alone reach the upper echelons.

Fall short, and you’ll be canned soon enough.

Performance isn’t limited to the everyday marketing work, though: there’s also the vital matter of client management.

In this post, we’re going to detail the main reasons why it’s a mission-critical piece of the overall marketing puzzle, so let’s get to them:


1. It’s a key component of being professional

In the world of business, it isn’t generally sufficient to be effective in your regular operations — you also need to be professional.

Imagine hiring a marketing company that could clearly promote your business but seemed unable or unwilling to fulfill other expectations: maybe it wouldn’t respond to your queries in a timely fashion (or even send you proper invoices).

Accounting for those inconveniences (minor or major) can be a significant hassle, costing time and money.

Wouldn’t you rather hire a solid and reliable pro than a talented but flaky prospect?

There’s no good excuse for lacking professionalism in this era of digital convenience (you can use SaaS tools like Freshdesk for service, and get free invoice templates from brands like Wave).


2. Results often need to be explained

Marketing metrics aren’t always of clear value, even when you filter out junk stats.

You may have a good idea of what an uptick in average session duration means for a particular client page, but that client might be completely in the dark about it — so you need to explain.

Let them know why it’s significant and how it’s ultimately going to return value.

You might, for instance, tell them that the rise in session duration means that visitors are finding the content more valuable, making them more likely to start converting and talking about the brand — and you could explain your intention to monitor related stats in the coming months to confirm this.

If they didn’t know about this, they might think “Well, this session duration rise is meaningless” and want to call off the campaign.


3. Brands can undermine their campaigns

There’s a reason why PR firms are flourishing like never before, and it’s the prominence of social media marketing.

To get noticed as broadly as possible, brands need to be active on as many platforms as possible (including social media networks), but it’s dangerous.

One small mistake — expressing a controversial opinion, or even misusing a hashtag — can severely damage a company’s reputation.

Client management isn’t just about admin.

It’s also about keeping clients aware of what they should — and shouldn’t — be doing in their daily activities.

When they know how their actions will affect their overall marketing efforts, they’ll be much more careful, which will make life easier for all parties involved.


4. Great service tends to drive referrals

Even if everything we’d looked at so far weren’t true, client management would still be important in marketing, all because of the prominence of referrals.

While it’s true that many companies find marketers through online searches, it’s very common for businesses (particularly large businesses with suitable budgets) to prefer referrals from people and brands they trust.

And if your client management is weak, then how can you expect your clients to recommend you?

You need to be firing on all cylinders to earn that kind of praise.

“Agency X is alright: gets the job done, but doesn’t have great service” isn’t going to convince anyone.

Only by nailing your client service with superlative client management can you pick up such major plaudits.


Client management isn’t just about giving yourself an edge: it’s also about justifying marketing investments, keeping clients moving in the right direction, and winning fantastic new clients through referrals.

If you haven’t been making an effort to manage your clients effectively, now is the right time to start.


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