A business can be thought of as a body or an ensemble of parts that work together interdependently in order to move the entire company forward. Once this motor is running smoothly and in unison you can begin experimenting with back flips and dancing but until then the focus should be the general harmony and success of the business itself.

The idea that every department has its own goals and targets to work towards is great, but the ultimate company goals need to be discussed and understood with every employee because at the end of the day, every part of the machine is needed in order to get there.

If a company has the goal to increase its business with current customers and nurture business relationships that they have in order to create long term, stable connections, there is no point in the marketing department running social media to gain exposure and increase followings, as an example.

The brand identity is defined by the Business Dictionary as “The visible elements of a brand (such as colorsdesignlogotype, name, symbol) that together identify and distinguish the brand in the consumer‘s mind.” This means that a start up company needs to think carefully and strategically when designing and confirming what type of name, logo, and image they want to portray to the outside world.


The next important element is the brand personality. This is the human characteristics that are associated with a certain brand. People may view your company as caring, decisive, successful, smart, understanding and so forth. As a company you will have to decide what kind of personality you will embody.

Values come into play in everyday life whether we expect them to or not. Similarly, a company should establish company values to ensure that all employees agree and comply with these values. It would be disastrous for a fitness trainer to promote junk food and lack of exercise, and it would be contradictive for a lung specialist to smoke. People are always watching what you as a company do outside the scope of your services.

With the above mentioned elements of a brand, we can see why people need to turn towards a far more holistic approach to business structures and cultures in order to be successful in the long run. A company needs to gel together and promote healthy debate and competition as well as unity and loyalty.

The age old saying that a happy worker is a productive worker rings true in this regard and can be achieved far more easily if all parties within the business are on the same page and have the same goal in mind. This is why it is important to formulate a mission statement and to have an open discussion when it comes to goals and values.

Creating a brand image and identity goes far beyond the colours and shape of a logo and relates to issues from the root up. If you have a strong brand then you can easily deal with the challenges and detours that start up businesses will face.